Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Dancing With the Stars

So everyone is talking this year about how Heather Mills is on Dancing With the Stars and the "how are they going to work around her prosthetic leg?" issue. One, I'm not sure it's going to turn out to be as big an issue as the press has made it. Two, I think they made the wrong first step in terms of giving her a partner who is used to working with making adaptations due to physical ability levels past.

What most people do not know is that one of the pros this year has experience dancing with people with disabilities, specfically wheelchair users. It's not listed on his bio and he was not placed with Ms. Mills. How do I know this then? I've danced with him. Brian Fortuna's mother is the AB choreographer who has worked with American Dancewheels Foundation, an American style wheelchair ballroom organization, since it began. For a short time about a year ago, I danced with ADF. Brian, when he was around was part of a two-couple tango I was in. I also danced with him a couple times during training. He's a good dancer both with AB and disabled partners. He also knows how to adapt for physical disabilities. I have to wonder how many pros are that flexible. I think it's unfortunate that Brian will not be given the chance to show his talents on that side.

Of course, I'm now looking forward to the day that they put Stephen Hawking or another celebrity in a wheelchair on such a show, too.


Windsornot said...

That's cool that you've done ballroom dancing! See, I learn something everyday about the opportunities out there for those with disabilities...and about you! I didn't know we had dancing in common! And you are right, they probably should've paired up Heather with Brian, but you know how dumb some people can be. And I have to admire people-- like Brian and SW who are able to teach physical things like dancing and TKD to ALL kinds of people. That's talent, if you ask me.

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